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Kada tik Moze laikydavo iškelta ranka, Izraelis buvo pergalingas, o kada tik jis ranka
nuleisdavo, Amalekas buvo pergalingas. Mozes rankos taip pailso, kad jiedu
paeme akmeni, padejo prie Mozes, ir jis ant jo atsisedo. Aaronas
ir Huras pareme jo iškeltas rankas, vienas iš vieno šono, o
kitas iš kito šono. Taip jo rankos liko tvirtos
iki pat saulelydžio. (Išejimo 17:11)

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  • Q: Why doesn't Rosary for the Bishop have an SSL certificate for encrypting logins?

    A: SSL certificates cost $100 or more per year. At this time that is outside our small operating budget. If you'd like to donate toward an SSL certificate, that would be greatly appreciated!

  • Q: How secure is my password with Rosary for the Bishop?

    A: We never store anyone's password plain-text in our database. Rather, we store a salted hash of it. This means that even if someone gained access to your password hash, it would be extremely difficult for them to crack your password (even using rainbow tables). However, it's always good security practice to use a different, new password for each website you register with, so in case one of your passwords is hacked, only one of your accounts can be tampered with.

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