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Kada tik Moze laikydavo iškelta ranka, Izraelis buvo pergalingas, o kada tik jis ranka
nuleisdavo, Amalekas buvo pergalingas. Mozes rankos taip pailso, kad jiedu
paeme akmeni, padejo prie Mozes, ir jis ant jo atsisedo. Aaronas
ir Huras pareme jo iškeltas rankas, vienas iš vieno šono, o
kitas iš kito šono. Taip jo rankos liko tvirtos
iki pat saulelydžio. (Išejimo 17:11)


Rosary for the Bishop is a program which aims to show support for Catholic Bishops by maintaining an ongoing web-based spiritual bouquet.

The effort began at Christmas of 2005 in Madison Wisconsin as a Spiritual Bouquet for Bishop Robert Morlino. Lay Catholics from around the Diocese of Madison could sign up online to pray one rosary per month for the Bishop.

After two years, over 300 people were praying one Rosary per month for Bishop Morlino year-round, with at least five Rosaries being prayed every day.

At the end of 2009, the organizers of Madison's Rosary for the Bishop campaign, inspired by the success in Madison, decided to expand the program to all Dioceses in the United States. The Rosary for the Bishop website was overhauled to accommodate this change, as well as adding a number of new features, such as Twitter integration.

Anybody can privately pray a Rosary for their Bishop, so why should you join this website?

  • Rosary for the Bishop can provide you with reminders so you don't forget to pray for your Bishop
  • We work with Bishops to provide them with access to the latest data of how many people are praying for them

We rely on help from people like you! You can help us immensely by:

  • Letting us know if there's something out-of-date on the website (a Bishop who's listed in the wrong Diocese, etc.)
  • Telling us your thoughts about how we can continue to improve the Rosary for the Bishop service
  • Supporting the operation of this website financially by making a donation online

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